What makes any hotel to be best is the kind of services it provides to its guests and visitors. It is all about making their stay more comfortable and warm. Rajasthan Palace Hotel stands for organized working in serving the guests. When you arrive at the reception you will find welcoming receptionist. They would offer you with assistance in knowing the facilities of the hotel.
You would be offered with the following of the services:

Car Parking

The major issue of any hotel or boarding services is whether they offer car parking or not. But at Rajasthan Palace hotel has the facility to offer you the car parking. It dos not matter at which time of the year you visit them, you would be offered with anytime car parking facility.


While you are traveling you would not want to carry the kit to wash your clothes. You would not possibly think of taking back the unlaundered clothes back with you. After a much relaxed vacation you would not want to return back to your life and spend time in washing clothes. Rajasthan Palace Hotels offer you timely services on laundering your clothes.


There is fully trained staff, to keep a check on the cleanliness of your room. You do not have to worry about the cleaning of bathroom. There is no need to worry about dirty towels or depleting toiletries either. Their staff is equipped to refill the reserves and offer you a clean room to enter every time you come back from a trip.